Dental Technology

We often talk about all the fascinating stuff we’ll see in the future, but forget to appreciate the incredible technology we already have. It’s not just about smartphones, either. Technology in the dental industry has come a LONG way since the days of hand-carving false teeth out of wood and hippo ivory.

Thanks to computer miniaturization and digital conversion, equipment today is more efficient and more accessible than ever before. Here are just some of the technologies we can offer you.

Digital X-Rays

The concept of using x-rays to view internal structures is not new. Digitizing it, however, has made the process faster, more efficient, and safer for everyone. Instead of film, a digital x-ray machine will use a high-quality sensor, which requires much lower levels of radiation.

The sensor sends its images directly to a computer, where our dentist can see a real-time image of your teeth. No film development is necessary.

Green Technology for CT Scan

We strive to keep you as safe and healthy as possible. To this end, we’ve chosen to work with Green Technology for our CT scanning.

For many years, our industry has worked to continuously lower levels of radiation exposure while also improving the quality and resolution of scan images. Green Technology is the result of that work. With specially made sensors and the best of modern machinery, we can produce high-quality scans with less radiation than any other method.

Soft Laser Technology

Lasers sound like they’re a thing of the far future, but the truth is that we use them for dental procedures right now. Lasers can clean out cavities, infected gums, and decayed root canals with smaller insertion points and less pain, making your treatments less painful and intense than ever before.

Handheld X-Ray Unit

Handheld x-ray machines streamline the digital process even further. They are more cost-efficient for us, which translates directly into lower costs for you.

Experience Advanced Dentistry for Yourself

With our incredible technology, we can provide our patients with outstanding dental care! Set an appointment with us and see for yourself.